It began, as many great stories do, in the hearts of two little gay boys. These boys believed in magic. The kind of magic that drives the passionate ones to strive and starve and suffer for their art, because they simply can’t live without it.
Those boys grew up into men who wanted to seek out and celebrate that same magic wherever they could. And so they built their own space, a sandbox to play in, where they could honour exactly what they feel makes life worth living: beautiful, confident women and everything they love, including fashion, lifestyle, arts, entertainment and culture. A fashion and lifestyle magazine to the girls, from the gays, with love.

Since launching over a year ago, SANDBOX has quickly garnered a loyal and enthusiastic following that embraces our fresh approach to fashion, lifestyle and culture.
SANDBOX magazine is the new culture. A culture that recognizes the distinct diversity of our quaint Prairie home and celebrates the passion, beauty and talent that we’re proud to call our own. Whether promoting a new restaurant or boutique, or profiling a talented local band, we strive to feature everything that is so unique to the Prairies.
The SANDBOX collective is comprised of talented Canadian contributors ranging from journalists, models, fashion stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers. We feed off each other’s energy and ideas, which only further helps to strengthen our broad appeal and solidify SANDBOX as the authority on all things fashion, lifestyle and culture.



Founded – November 27, 2009
Genre: Fashion, culture, lifestyle, arts
Creators: Jeffrey Vallis and Braden Alexander